Computer Networking

Suggested Grade Level: 11 or 12

Course Description:

This class is developed around certification programs associated with the Microsoft Technology Associate. The class will be broken down into four distinct areas:

The first topic covered will be the MTA networking fundamentals curriculum with a certification after the completion of the first nine weeks. Students will learn the following : Network Infrastructure, Network Security, Wiring of Networks and the setup of Wireless networks.

The second nine weeks revolves around students learning how to setup a network server. Students will learn about managing storage devices on a server, setting up a Microsoft Windows Server, and many more topics.

The third nine weeks students will become familiar with the concept of developing a database. Students will also learn how to troubleshoot and input and output data for use.

The last nine weeks students will learn the fundamentals of gaming. Students will not learn how to write the code but more of all the steps that are needed to develop a game.

2 Credits for High School

6 Credits (3 for 1st Semester and 3 for 2nd Semester) for CVCC

Session 1 SyllabusFall2022.pdf